1. Peppered Plum Garden Supply Now Open

    Peppered Plum Garden Supply Now Open

    I'm excited to announce that Peppered Plum now has a garden supply section for its local shoppers. I'm a garden enthusiast and decided to combine one of my social media channels with this boutique to bring organic options to the local home gardener. This new section will offer fabric pots, organic and heirloom seeds, live plants, organic pesticides and fertilizers, and other gardening necessities.

    Join the newly created Facebook group ( to enjoy live demos, discussions, product requests, and special discounts. One of the first products to be featured will be the Geopots brand fabric pots! I will have different pot options available to demo for a range of gardening needs, as well as price points for every shopper.

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  2. Get Ready for Improvements

    Get Ready for Improvements

    It's been awhile, but have you visited the website lately to see the new improvements? What happened was ...

    So last fall I annouced that I would be relocating and the website will be closed until January 1st. During the move I received a notice that my version of the website will be phasing out and the new version would need to be installed. So, why not?! I had already planned to upgrade in a few months anyway. So I proceeded with the upgrade, only to discover several unplanned rough spots that would prevent me from going live on the announced date. Months were spent working with developers and IT specialists to ensure everything was working properly. I was given the go-ahead several times, but each time something else would mess up! Very frustrating to say the least! Since developers were already working with me, I decided to go ahead and implement a few 2018 goals that were never checked off.

    2018 GOALS

    • Flat rate shipping
    • Store
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  3. We're Seeing Spots!

    We're Seeing Spots!

    Fall is finally in the air! Right underneath the stifling heat of these warm, Alabama, summer breezes. However, I refuse to complain about the weather since it changes often and quickly. It will soon be cold and I'll wish for the heat again! So instead, I choose to dream of all the cute fall clothing I plan to wear! Or more importantly, all the fun clothing that I will be ordering for Peppered Plum!

    My eyes are set on all the cute leopard tops, cardigans and dusters! Isn't the above duster just gorgeous?! It will be available in the shop soon! Actually, it is on the way now! Keep a lookout for all the new items for the fall. Checkout the new floral and leopard Francesca Top that is now available. Click here to get yours now, while it's available.

    As always, if there's something you wish to see, let me know!

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  4. Curvy Confidence: Styling the Box Pleat Midi

    Curvy Confidence: Styling the Box Pleat Midi

    It finally feels like fall and you know what that means - pulling out all the fun, cold weather clothing and accessories! Here in lower Alabama, we do not always see extremely cold temperatures. This time last year it still felt like a comfortable summer instead of fall.

    Fall is the time where plaid, casual boots and frilly scarves start to emerge. This is also the only time of the year when I don't mind layering. The colder it gets, the more I want my outfits to be adjustable to my activities and surroundings. Who wants to be stuck at an indoor party wearing a thick turtleneck sweater and snow boots? Dressing for the occasion is of the utmost importance!

    I began searching for fun pieces to feature in the store that other boutiques did not have. There were cute pullovers and floral maxi dresses. Christmas themed long-sleeve tees and velvet jackets caught my eye. Duck boots and fuzzy pullovers were being requested by several boutiques. These were all nice, but I really

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  5. Future Product: Slip Extenders

    Future Product: Slip Extenders

    I am excited to share with you the next accessory item to be added to the shop: a four-tiered ruffled slip. This slip is not only gorgeous, but comfortable. I have selected various colors and patterns (yes, patterned ruffles are in the future) I hope to showcase throughout the year. 

    The picture shows the sample slip in the original color and design, but I made a few changes. This slip is ankle length on my 5' frame. It will come in everyone's favorite color of black, and my personal favorite color, red. These should be available the end of December 2016 or January 2017.

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  6. Packaging with Purpose

    Packaging with Purpose

    We may not be able to change everything, but we can change something ... one choice at a time! That is why I chose to use poly mailers and other shipping supplies from EcoEnclose.

    EcoEnclose provides recycled, recyclable, reusable, and biodegradable shipping solutions! That is great for small businesses (and larger businesses) who push out different kinds of packaging everyday that will only crowd landfills. With shipping solutions from EcoEnclose, I and my customers can reduce the amount of waste we contribute and reuse items we would typically throw out. Not only am I supplying my customers an awesome product, but they also receive a poly mailer they can reuse! See, I just saved you from having to go purchase a poly mailer! Simply tear off the sealed section at the perforated line, refold, reseal, and reuse.

    Peppered Plum currently uses the following packaging products from EcoEnclose:

    • 88% recycled poly mailers
    • 100% recycled clear bags
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