Curvy Confidence: Styling the Box Pleat Midi

It finally feels like fall and you know what that means - pulling out all the fun, cold weather clothing and accessories! Here in lower Alabama, we do not always see extremely cold temperatures. This time last year it still felt like a comfortable summer instead of fall.

Fall is the time where plaid, casual boots and frilly scarves start to emerge. This is also the only time of the year when I don't mind layering. The colder it gets, the more I want my outfits to be adjustable to my activities and surroundings. Who wants to be stuck at an indoor party wearing a thick turtleneck sweater and snow boots? Dressing for the occasion is of the utmost importance!

I began searching for fun pieces to feature in the store that other boutiques did not have. There were cute pullovers and floral maxi dresses. Christmas themed long-sleeve tees and velvet jackets caught my eye. Duck boots and fuzzy pullovers were being requested by several boutiques. These were all nice, but I really wanted something that could transcend seasons and extend my customer's wardrobe. I decided to look at a few skirts and got caught up in the pleated look. I loved the shimmery ones and even purchased a few vegan suede accordian skirts I thought would look great with booties. Then it happened ...

In my search for midi skirt inspiration, I came across a photo of a young lady confidently wearing a box pleat midi skirt similar to one I carry on the site. Check it out here. I just knew I had to feature her on the blog. Wearing a pleated skirt with a curvy figure is a feat in itself. Everything must be styled in a way to not draw too much attention. A few customers even voiced concern when I posted my version of the skirt on the website. Styling this skirt takes a bit of imagination and confidence, but she pulled it off quite nicely!

Ladies, let me introduce you to Ashley, the creator of FabEllis. The above picture is of her wearing this adorable scuba, box pleat skirt she purchased from Charlotte Russe and matched with a striped top. Simple and elegant. Read all about it in her blog post here

Be inspired! Be creative! Be confident! And most importantly, find it on Peppered Plum.