Get Ready for Improvements

It's been awhile, but have you visited the website lately to see the new improvements? What happened was ...

So last fall I annouced that I would be relocating and the website will be closed until January 1st. During the move I received a notice that my version of the website will be phasing out and the new version would need to be installed. So, why not?! I had already planned to upgrade in a few months anyway. So I proceeded with the upgrade, only to discover several unplanned rough spots that would prevent me from going live on the announced date. Months were spent working with developers and IT specialists to ensure everything was working properly. I was given the go-ahead several times, but each time something else would mess up! Very frustrating to say the least! Since developers were already working with me, I decided to go ahead and implement a few 2018 goals that were never checked off.

2018 GOALS

  • Flat rate shipping
  • Store credits / points
  • Try-on pictures
  • Extended payment options
  • Fully furnished kid's and gifts section

FLAT RATE SHIPPING: I really want to implement a flat rate shipping to simplify your shopping experience that does not bite me in the rear. I am looking at a few options and hope to have this finalized soon.

STORE CREDITS/POINTS: I am currently reviewing a module that will allow me to assign points for purchases, returns, and other interactive abilities. These points will allow you to use with your purchases as a discount towards your balance.

EXTENDED PAYMENT OPTIONS: I have always accepted major credit cards, either directly or through PayPal, but decided to also use Braintree to expand the types of payments I can accept on the website. I am currently working to accept Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and Venmo with expanded safety protections to catch and prevent fraudulent purchases. I am excited to announce that I can now accept Amazon Pay for those wanting to use your saved payment options from your Amazon account. Down the road I would like to add a recurring payment option for those needing to split payments over a period of time.

KID'S AND GIFTS SECTION: Just like other boutiques, I try to network with vendors and artisans who can provide unique items that interest you. I will have a sample run of kids clothing soon. These will be offered on a first-come-first-served basis. I am also excited to include gardening items in the gift section this year. My new location comes with a gardening space, so I will be combining my love of gardening with options to buy in my store. Links will be provided for you to check the progress of my gardens and see these items in use.

Thank you for your patience as I work out all the kinks. Look for the "We're Now Open" announcement in the very near future! Let me know of other items you wish to see in the store or other improvements you wish to have implemented. I'm always an email away!