We're Seeing Spots!

Fall is finally in the air! Right underneath the stifling heat of these warm, Alabama, summer breezes. However, I refuse to complain about the weather since it changes often and quickly. It will soon be cold and I'll wish for the heat again! So instead, I choose to dream of all the cute fall clothing I plan to wear! Or more importantly, all the fun clothing that I will be ordering for Peppered Plum!

My eyes are set on all the cute leopard tops, cardigans and dusters! Isn't the above duster just gorgeous?! It will be available in the shop soon! Actually, it is on the way now! Keep a lookout for all the new items for the fall. Checkout the new floral and leopard Francesca Top that is now available. Click here to get yours now, while it's available.

As always, if there's something you wish to see, let me know!