Welcome to Peppered Plum!

Meet Peppered Plum Owner, Tina Harris

If you are new to my boutique, I'm so glad you stopped by! Take a minute to learn a little about me and Peppered Plum.

Boutique History

This boutique began in 2006 as The Accessory, a ladies shoe, handbag and accessory store. There were only a few places back then that offered reasonably priced, modest options for ladies. So, I dreamed of one day opening a store in which the whole family could find eye-catching fashions and great deals. Fall of 2006 I put my vision into action and started selling accessory items on Ebay. A few months later I acquired my website under the same name and slowly added clothing items for the next few years. Over this time, I watched as several modest fashion boutiques opened and decided I needed a refresh of my business plan and vision. 2015 saw the launch of my newly rebranded boutique as Peppered Plum Apparel and Accessories. Children's clothing was added in 2017 with gift and home good items added in 2018. Shoes and handbags were added back as part of my evolving brand. I now bring you Peppered Plum Apparel, Accessories & Gifts! This new format will offer both boutique branded merchandise, as well as private label options only found here. 

About the Owner

Now that you have a little history on the boutique, let me tell you a little about myself.

I was born and raised in Texas in a military home. My family moved to Alabama when I was four and I've lived here since. I love learning and knew I would eventually attend college somewhere. I attended the University of Montevallo as a Music Education Major (Percussion) and Deaf-Education Major. I later attended Auburn University Montgomery for my MBA as a double major in Management and Human Resources Management. I had many life ambitions! One was to be a music teacher for deaf children. However, God had other plans.

While at Montevallo, I met the guy who is now my husband. It's a great story! Maybe one day I could tell you how I walked away with the preacher's phone number! Our marriage has been one of trials, patience and testimonies! After eight years of unexplained infirtility, the Lord blessed us with a sweet, beautiful, and sassy daughter. I love watching how God takes my broken pieces and produces a masterpiece right before my eyes! 

Now, my husband and I make ourselves available to our local church, where he serves as a minister and I help with the music and ladies departments. I love my church family, my community and this oneness message. My greatest goal is to make heaven my home and to take as many people with me as possible!


Thanks for taking the time to learn a little about me and Peppered Plum! I plan to continue providing quality over quantity and modest options over trends. I love to play with color and patterns, but will forever remain a loyal fan of simple black and white. I hope you enjoy the timeless pieces I offer, as well as the fun and unique. There's usually something for everyone! Follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with the handle @pepperedplum. 

Look around. Stay awhile. Drop in often. I'm only a message away.

God bless,



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